Project of AI created with Midjourney , Adobe firefly and Runway 
and post produced with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Topaz and Davinci

////// aibags 2024 Collection

“Explore the perfect fusion of fashion and architecture with our new handbag collection. Elevate your style with the essence of urban brutalism, where each bag is a solid and bold masterpiece. Inspired by the strength of concrete and timeless elegance, our bags capture the modernity of brutalism in every detail.

Navigate the city with confidence, carrying the architectural essence that redefines urban style. From foundation to structure, each bag makes a unique statement, reflecting your personality and highlighting your individuality with every step.

Conquer the city with bags that are not just accessories but statements of style. Discover beauty in brutality, where fashion finds its foundation in our brutalist handbag collection. Solid, bold, and always unique – this is how we take fashion to the next level, one bag at a time.”

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